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Meshing panels, catch column nodes on a panel
Dear support team,

We are planning to get some training on Lira but before we do that we want to try it out so we would know what questions to ask.
at the moment I am trying to mesh a panel with some columns on the perimeter but mesh does not catch the columns (there is no mesh node at the column node) is there a way to set meshing properties so that when the mesh is done, the columns would sit on the node of the mesh?
I found a way to mesh a single contour through "mesh generation" tool - is there a way to select multiple panels and mesh them at once?

Dear Markus

I would like to ask you next time to illustrate your question with either screenshots or description of command sequence. As to this message, if I properly understand your question, the answers are:
1 Ц When you generate columns and panels and obtain such case (nodes of the panel are not the nodes of the column), you could use the Divide bar with nodes command (on the Ribbon interface see Create and edit tab / Create panel / Add element command / Divide bar with nodes). Select necessary columns and activate this command.
2 Ц Use the mode of triangulation of contour with holes. When you select the contour nodes, hold down the SHIFT key. In this case all intermediate nodes that belong to the line will be considered in mesh generation.

To become familiar with main features of the program, we recommend that you look into Tutorial. Help system for the program will also help you in this process.
Dear Yury

Thank you a lot for your answer, it really makes things clearer.
I tried to use triangulation of contour with holes option as suggested and am getting some positive results. Seems like I catch a node of an internal column, but columns themselves get deleted after this operation. I must be using the command in a wrong way?  Say , I have a meshed panel and want to add a column somewhere inside the panel. I add the column, then select contour with holes command and it lets me to select one node in XOY plane. After clicking apply command it brings me to a new window where I need to add a new contour and input additional nodes. After this is done, the slab is re-meshed and the internal column is now sitting on the mesh node, but the new mesh is drawn over the old mesh and after coming back to the main FE model all the columns are deleted.
I have reviewed the tutorials in the last few days, but in all cases (as far as I remember) the columns are placed on the nodes of a panel mesh and therefore I could not find an answer there.
I am attaching few pictures and model for easier communication. Thank you again.
You can modify triangulated mesh several times before you return to the model. If it is necessary to modify mesh when you return to the model, you could delete unnecessary mesh and repeat triangulation once again. See the video attached.

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