Finite Element Method for design of road-building structures

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Finite Element Method for design of road-building structures

The book deals with finite element method and its application to analysis of building structures, including nonlinear analysis.

Selection of coordinate functions and study of different types of finite elements are explained in detail.

Relationship between FEM and other methods of building mechanics for bar systems is analysed. For all types of structures (bar and plate systems, massive structures, structures on elastic foundation, multi-layer structures) the generation of finite elements is provided according to the following scheme: functional of potential energy approximation functions convergence estimation of accuracy derive stiffness matrix.

Application of FEM to physically nonlinear problems of mechanics is considered. Methods of solving nonlinear equations obtained from FEM are explained in detail.

For every method you will find mathematical, physical and geometric interpretation, convergence proof and estimation of accuracy.

The book also contains examples of computer-aided simulation of loading for physically nonlinear problems reinforced concrete slab and wall-beam with tracing of crack propagation and plastic strain in concrete and reinforcement and then presentation of fracture pattern and comparing it with field-test.

Note that the book is available only in Russian.

Published by
Moscow, 1981. Paperback - 143 pages.